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The charge service operator's on-site and remote tools

The EV Pack (with integrated EV Controller) and EV Platform are essential tools to enable the Charge Service Operator to accomplish its mission properly, particularly when a charging station is composed of several charge points. The functionalities of these tools allow the CSO to set up many services such as: installation, commissioning, support and maintenance, energy management (distribution, supply, operation), interoperability management with e-mobility service providers, managing users and financial flows, sending or consulting detailed consumption reports. For more information about our services, click here.



Here under are the details of the Charge Service Operator’s tools:

EV Pack



TotalEnergies' EV Pack is a must-have for a quick and secure deployment of your charging station. This 2-in-1 pack provides electrical and digital services to efficiently control the charge service. It offers optimized electrical distribution, equipment safety, with the quality of factory-made cabling and it ensures efficient connection to the operating platform, with optimized data exchange flows.

  • Charge points networking and intermediation with management platform
  • Smart charging and energy management features
  • Compatibility with solutions from other manufacturers
  • Operational charge points maintained; costs reduced
  • Simplification of electrical infrastructure installation
  • Securing the charging station
  • Standardized system and enabling station scalability

EV Controller

The EV Pack integrates the EV Controller. This local management tool is necessary when speaking of charging stations. Within the EV Pack, TotalEnergies' EV Controller is the one enabling:

  • Charge point networking and intermediation with the management platform
  • Smart charging and energy management features
  • Scalability and open-source tool: various manufacturer hardware can be connected to EV Controller
  • Efficiency and cost reduction by processing quickly and reliably large amounts of data
  • Operational charge points maintained even in case of lost internet connection, thanks to its intelligence and local memory.




EV Platform




TotalEnergies' charge points strength lies in their integrated management system, which makes it possible to identify users, to differentiate services according to users, to manage the invoicing process, to remotely control infrastructures, or to detect malfunctions in order to set up maintenance. Hereafter are the main functionalities the operator uses on the web platform:

For the operator:

  • Easy maintenance with alarm handling, remote diagnostics, and logging
  • Remote operations such as starting or ending a charging session
  • User management and user services set up

For the client:

  • Customizable dashboard with many widgets available
  • Real-time availability status on the charge points map
  • Usage statistics and downloadable reports available