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13/07/2022 News

TotalEnergies supports cities in their electric transition

TotalEnergies, a major player in public charging in Europe  


TotalEnergies is expanding its charging network for electric vehicles in several European cities under long-term concessions.  

European cities where TotalEnergies is a Charge point operator



TotalEnergies oversees the Parisian ground… 

Belib’, the Parisian public charging network operated by TotalEnergies, accompanies EV drivers during their charging session in the streets of the French capital. TotalEnergies does its best to meet the needs of every EV driver. From slow charging session to accelerated ones, Belib’ offer is complete and build in a way to please the needs of each EV drivers. Belib’ charging stations are universal and equipped with several plugs: type 2, type 3, domestic E/F, CCS Combo cable or CHAdeMO cable.  


As for the services offered by the Belib’ network, whether EV drivers live in the capital, drive a taxi or a VTC, or are just passing through for a few hours, each of them will find a payment and subscription adapted to their use of the City of Paris’ charging infrastructures.  


For more information and to benefit from advantages of the service, we invite you to visit the Belib’ website



…take place in London… 

TotalEnergies also operates the SourceLondon charging Network, an expanding network of more than 1,700 charging stations across London. The company provides its customers with 7 kVA and 22 kVA charging stations. From individuals, businesses, cab drivers to private rentals, Source London consider everyone’s needs by offering a range of subscriptions adapted to all types of EV drivers. 

Moreover, TotalEnergies offers a range of charging stations with the ability to reserve them!  

For more information and to benefit from advantages of the service, we invite you to visit the SourceLondon website


…doubles the charging network in the Dutch capital…  

In Amsterdam, charging points are multiplying as fast as flowers! TotalEnergies is doubling the city’s network with 2,200 new charging points by fall 2022. The Company oversees the installation of 1,100 charging stations, each equipped with two charge points. TotalEnergies’ goal is to install and operate up to 20,000 new charging stations for electric vehicles in the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam Electric.   


…and deploys its charging network in Belgium 

To date, 300 charging points operated by TotalEnergies are available in Brussels. Among the services developed in the Belgium’s capital, residents of the metropolis can request the installation of a charging station near their home if there are no charging points within 250 meters. 

The city of Antwerp is stepping up a gear and has decided to deploy its public network of charging points for electric vehicles alongside TotalEnergies by installing new charging points by 2024, including 120 kW fast charging stations. 

At the end of 2021, TotalEnergies also won a tender from the municipality of Ghent to install and operate 800 new public charging points by 2025.  


TotalEnergies decided to go beyond European borders and is continuing its journey to Asia !


TotalEnergies’ expertise takes place in Asia   


China and Singapore


In China   

China, the world's largest market for electric mobility, will install 11,000 TotalEnergies charging points in Wuhan and Hubei province by 2025. To do this, TotalEnergies is partnering with China Three Gorges Corporation, the Chinese company specializing in the construction and operation of renewable energies. This cooperation brings together the best of an electric mobility expert and a green electricity supplier to provide the most comprehensive and environmentally friendly charging services. This will enable us to achieve the carbon neutrality expected in 2050!  

This initiative follows the acquisition of the largest network of charging points in Singapore. 


In Singapore    

85%... It’s the percentage of the urban charging network that TotalEnergies will operate in Singapore. In July 2021, the company signed a contract with the Bolloré Group to manage and operate 1,500 charging points on the island. Singapore won’t stop its electric transition there and has set itself the goal of reaching 60,000 charging points by the end of the decade.  


In a nutshell… 

The company allows EV drivers to charge their cars in various European cities. From London to Paris, via Amsterdam and Brussels, or Antwerp and Ghent... TotalEnergies has now been entrusted with the task of operating the electric charging stations in these European cities.  

On the other side of the world, TotalEnergies is also allowing EV drivers to charge their vehicles. The company decided to install 11,000 charging points in China and to take over the exploitation of 1,500 charging points in Singapore.