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Backed by its industrial capacity and technical know-how, TotalEnergies supports its customers' mobility by providing them with the energy they need, its network coverage and a range of relevant services to meet all their needs.

TotalEnergies provides concrete solutions in the context of the transport and energy transition, investing massively in the development of large-scale electric mobility, helping to remove one of the main obstacles to this market growth: the deployment of charging infrastructures accessible to the greatest number of people.

Whether at home, in the workplace or on the road, TotalEnergies provides you with a charging service based on less carbonated energy that is available to as many people as possible, within easy reach so that you can move around with complete peace of mind.


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Charging habits

Charge EV anywhere with Total

At workplace: 27% of charging sessions happen at workplace. Employees charge their electric vehicle rather it is a personal car or a company car.

On the road: 14% of charging sessions are made on roadways or when visiting commercial locations.

At service station: charging in service stations represents 7% of electric charges. Drivers mainly use this option when travelling long distances on the highway. TotalEnergies is building a network of high-ppower charging service in 300 stations across Western Europe. 

At home: 52 % of charging sessions take place at home. TotalEnergies provides a charging solution for your private driveway or for your residential parking lot. You will be able to plug either your personal vehicle or your company vehicle.