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Set up charging stations on your zero cost!

Whether you’re a retailer or a parking lot operator, if you have a site that’s open 24/7, located in an urban area or close to main arteries, and you’re prepared to leave at least 4 spaces available for rapid charging stations, our offer is made for you! TotalEnergies bears all the related investments and operating costs for a all in one service and pays you fees for occupation of the land. 

Why offer a charging service?

The electric vehicle market is constantly expanding and more and more drivers are choosing this mode of transport. By encouraging the use of electric vehicles you are taking part in the energy transition and you are choosing to be involved. This high added-value offer can bring you a number of benefits.... 

Attract additional visitors

Offer a reliable service

Develop your CSR policy by taking part in the growth of the EV (electric vehicle)

Our support from start to finish

Whether you are a retailer, a hotel or a car parks, TotalEnergies brings you a comprehensive and tailored offer to meet the needs of your customers and visitors. 

  1. 1

    Let’s get in touch!

    Tell us more about your project by filling out our form

  2. 2

    Study of your project

    And initial contact to work on the application

  3. 3

    Technical inspection

    And presentation of the leasing offer

  4. 4

    Signing of the contract

    And establishment of payment terms

  5. 5

    Installation of terminals

    Connection and commissioning of the station

  6. 6

    Operation, supervision and maintenance

     Your customers can enjoy the service 


Looking to set up chargers on your site? 

A charging solution tailored to your needs

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