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Paying for your charging session at TotalEnergies

At TotalEnergies we want to make the lives of electric vehicle drivers easier by offering them several payment methods for charges using our terminals. Users can pay for their charging service quite simply using their bank card or their mobility card.  The TotalEnergies Fleet card gives access to one of the largest public European charge point networks. And because we want to make the lives of electric vehicle drivers easier, many different mobility cards are accepted on our network.
Want to know if your mobility card is accepted on our networks?  You will find a list of mobility service suppliers with whom we are in partnership on this page.

Understanding pricing of a charging session

Pricing for a charging session may vary according to factors such as location, charging time, type of charging terminal, the power supplied and the pricing policy of the charging service operator. In general, energy is billed per kilowatt hour or according to time spent plugged into the charging point (often billed by the minute) or on a flat-rate basis.

Note that it is important to check the prices and the pricing policy before beginning charging. To avoid confusion or unpleasant surprises, bear in mind that the charging price may differ depending on the payment method. Your mobility card provider may practice different pricing from that billed when paying by bank card.

Payment methods

Bank card

Payment by bank card is universal and almost all public charging stations accept bank card payments, which facilitates access to charging. This payment method is very flexible since it can be used in many situations such as with electronic payment terminals, contactless payment and online payments using a QR code on the charging station.

Note that payment by bank card does not require a prior contract or subscription.

Mobility card

You can also use a mobility card to pay for your charging session.

When an electric vehicle driver subscribes to a mobility card provider they can access a network of charging stations. 

The charging stations accessible via the mobility card are subject to agreements made between the mobility card provider and the various charging service providers.  The driver then knows which partner charging stations are accessible using their mobility card via its mobility card provider’s mobile app (if there is one). 

Where to find prices

You can find information on charging prices via several sources, including on the charging service suppliers’ websites and apps, and on the charging site (on the terminals or on notices). 
It is also important to remember that the price shown at the charging location may differ from the price you will pay using your mobility card. Want to know more about the price of your charge?

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