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Digital Accessibility

What is digital accessibility?

Digital accessibility is a set of standards and best practices covering functional, graphic, technical and editorial aspects.

Digital media (websites, mobile applications, PDF files, etc.) must adhere to particular standards and best practices in order to be accessible by people with disabilities.

For example, an accessible website allows users to:

  • Customize its display via the operating system and/or browser (enlarge or shrink characters, change typography, modify colors, turn off animations, etc.).
  • Browse using assistive technologies such as text-to-speech or Braille
  • Navigate without having to use a mouse, just a keyboard, switches or a touchscreen.
  • Watch videos and audio content with subtitles and/or transcriptions.
  • And more.

Accessibility Policy

TotalEnergies is committed to making its digital services and products accessible in accordance with Section 47 of Act 2005-102 of February 11, 2005.

A digital accessibility Lead, the “Mission Handicap” with a dedicated ecosystem are mobilized on the subject.

To learn more about TotalEnergies digital accessibility strategy:

RGAA partial compliance declaration

This accessibility declaration applies to the "Charging Services" website.

Compliance Status

The website is partially compliant with RGAA version 4.1.2 (and therefore WCAG 2.1) as a result of the non-conformities and exemptions listed below.

Test Results

The audit of compliance with RGAA version 4.1.2 performed by Ideance in September 2023 on a sample of the website’s pages reveals that:

  • The global compliance rate is 61,5%. (Calculated by dividing the number of compliant criteria by the number of applicable criteria.)
  • The average compliance rate is 75,4%. (Calculated by averaging the compliance rates for each page.)

Non-accessible Contents


List of non-compliant criteria:

  • 1.2 - Some decorative images are not ignored by assistive technologies.
  • 2.1 - Some iframes do not have a title.
  • 2.2 - Some iframe titles are irrelevant.
  • 3.2 - Certain contrasts between text and background colour are not high enough.
  • 3.3 - Certain contrasts between interface components or graphical objects' colour and their background colour are not high enough.
  • 4.2 - Some video audio-descriptions or transcripts are irrelevant.
  • 4.4 - Some video subtitles are irrelevant.
  • 4.5 - Some videos do not provide audio-description.
  • 6.2 - A few links do not have text content.
  • 7.1 - Certain scripts are not compatible with assistive technologies.
  • 8.2 - Some pages generated source code is invalid according to its document type.
  • 8.7 - Certain language changes are not indicated in the source code.
  • 8.9 - Some semantic elements are used for presentational effect.
  • 9.1 - A few contents are not properly structured using heading elements.
  • 9.2 - Certain page structures are irrelevant.
  • 9.3 - A few lists are not properly structured.
  • 10.1 - A few contents are not formatted using stylesheets.
  • 10.2 - A few contents are missing when stylesheets are disabled.
  • 10.5 - A few CSS rules on background colour or font colour are not properly used.
  • 10.7 - Certain interactive elements do not have a visible focus indicator.
  • 10.9 - A few informations are conveyed solely through form, size or position.
  • 11.1 - A few form fields do not have a label.
  • 11.13 - Certain input purposes cannot be deducted and thus used to automatically complete forms with user data.
  • 12.6 - Certain content blocks repeated across pages (such as header, navigation, search, main content, or footer) cannot be reached or bypassed.
  • 13.3 - Certain downloadable documents do not have an accessible version

Contents not subject to accessibility obligations

"Tealium" cookies consent manager and the "reCAPTCHA" spam protection system have been exempted.

They were not fully audited during the process; however, it has been checked their presence do not have an impact on either use or consultation of the website.

Establishment of this Accessibility Declaration

This accessibility declaration has been established on October 30, 2023.

Technologies used for the website creation

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Test environment

The webpage tests have been performed through the combinations of the following browsers and screen readers:

  • Firefox 116.0.3 and NVDA 2023.1 (Windows 11)
  • Firefox 116.0.3 and JAWS 2022 (Windows 11)
  • Safari and VoiceOver (macOS 13.4)
  • Safari and VoiceOver (iOS 16.5)

Accessibility checking tools

  • Colour Contrast Analyser
  • Firefox development tools
  • Web Developer (browser extension

Webpages subject to the compliance audit

Feedback & Contact

If you don’t manage to access a content or service on this website, you can contact us by any of the following means to be oriented to an accessible alternative or obtain the content in another form.

  • Send us a message through our contact form
  • Email us to: [email protected]
  • Write us to: Electricité et Gaz France Direction de l’Expérience Client - Accessibilité Numérique 2 bis rue Louis Armand - CS51518 - 75725 Paris Cedex 15

You can help us improve digital accessibility at TotalEnergies by sharing your feedback. To do this, send us an email at [email protected].


This procedure should be used in the following case: you have reported to the website administrator a lack of accessibility, which prevents you from accessing a content or one of the website services, and you haven’t received a satisfying reply.