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The differences between AC chargers and DC chargers


AC _ DC scheme

Two technologies exist in the field of charge points for electric vehicles: alternating current (AC) chargers and direct current (DC) chargers. 

AC chargers meet the most frequent charging needs: charging at the workplace, at home, or at destination (commercial sites). The user takes the opportunity to charge their electric car while it is parked. We offer a range of charge points featuring shared and distinctive characteristics. 

DC chargers can provide up to a 175kW charging power, such as the charge service offered in TotalEnergies' service stations. Depending on the EV technology, DC charging can be used to to-up the battery quickly if needed, for example for long journeys or between rounds.  

  • To sum up, TotalEnergies can provide you with: The AC 7kW solution, the most suitable solution when the vehicle remains parked for at least half a day.
  • The AC 22kW / DC 24kW solution, which meets the need to charge an EV in a limited period of time (from 1 hour to 2 hours).
  • The 50kW+ DC models are for fast charging requirements.

For more than 50kW, we provide high power charging solution according to your needs. Remember: choosing between AC and DC charging depends on your specific use and needs, but also on your electric car model as the two technologies have different socket standards. 

AC chargers: high quality and easy-to-use charge points for a seamless user experience

To master the whole value chain, we conceive our own connected charge points models. All our AC chargers are made in France and they are interoperable, resistant, eco-designed, connected ... Find below some of their common features: 

Compliant with all vehicles: To suit all brands and types of electric vehicles, our AC charge points are equipped with European standard sockets (T2, T2S, E/F) and deliver 7kW power (slow charge) or 22kW (accelerated charge). The maximum power can be lowered according to users’ needs and building constraints.

Connected and smart: all our AC chargers (and DC chargers) have the capacity to be connected with our local and central digital tools, enabling a large range of different services.

High quality charge points: Charge points are subject to daily use and, for those installed outdoors, exposed to weather conditions. They are designed for a long service life and manufactured with the most resistant materials such as electro-galvanized steel, aluminium, and polycarbonate. The protection ratings against ingress of solid foreign objects and liquids is IP55, and against shocks is IK10.

Eco-friendly charge products: TotalEnergies is committed to Better Energy thus, develops its EV Charge activity. But the environmental responsibility of the company goes further: by using recyclable materials and optimizing our logistics flows, we minimize the carbon footprint associated with the manufacturing of our products.

They also have differences; you will find some of them below:



Basic models



Style models *



Park models



City models

  • 1 charge point
  • Wallbox or pole-mounted
  • Entry-level, compact and robust
  • Convenient for small budgets, standardized installations, warehouses
  • 1 charge point
  • Wallbox or pole-mounted
  • Aesthetic and customizable
  • Convenient for individuals, companies, local authorities; many variants available

* Design by the agency

  • 2 charge points
  • Wallbox or pole-mounted
  • Robust and customizable
  • Convenient for individuals, companies, local authorities; many variants available
  • 2 charge points
  • Pole-mounted only, and with secured doors
  • Robust and highly customizable
  • Convenient for local authorities, especially roadways; many variants available

DC chargers: customizable and high-quality charge points

We provide two kinds of DC chargers: DC24 and DC50. Here below are their common features:

Universal and customizable: Suitable for all users, DC chargers are available in single and multi-standard versions. They come with all socket types, Combo, CHAdeMO and Type 2, and they are suitable to all locations: car dealerships, roadways, car parks, businesses, commercial sites or residential buildings and more. Also, DC24 and DC50 models’ front panel and user menu are customizable. 

Fully sealed: Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, TotalEnergies' DC chargers are completely sealed. DC charge points have external ventilation systems instead of particle filters thus, they possess an extended shelf life. Their compact design enables a fast and cost saving installation. 

Connected and smart: DC chargers, as AC chargers, can be connected to TotalEnergies local and central digital tools so you will benefit from our large range of services. 

Find below the different characteristics of DC24 and DC50 chargers:


DC24 models

  • 24 kW power
  • Wallbox or pole-mounted 
  • Aesthetic and customizable
  • Convenient for car dealerships, service centers, companies corporate and dedicated fleets

DC50 models

  • 50 kW power
  • Pole-mounted only
  • Dual modem for operation & maintenance supervision
  • 7’’ Touch screen display
  • Convenient for commercial locations, public stations, car dealerships

Beyond TotalEnergies best seller charge points displayed on our website, other charge points for more specific needs can be ordered, to provide higher power chargers for example. One of our specialists will contact you to identify and advise you on the most relevant charge point for your need.