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Charging corporate EV fleets


Tailor-made approach

A unique combination of open solutions and personalized support that make it easy to install, manage and monitor electric charging solutions at the workplace.


Recognized expertise

10 years of recognized expertise in electric mobility combined with the strength of an energy Major.


Large roaming network

Access to a large network of charge points in Europe and to all TotalEnergies services thanks to TotalEnergies card for professionals.


As part of a CSR approach, or because regulations are driving it, you are converting part of your company vehicles fleet to electric. You then need to find ways of charging these electric vehicles.

TotalEnergies offers you a turnkey solution, meeting all your needs: from the installation of charge points at your workplace, at your employees' homes, to the TotalEnergies multi-energy card for EV drivers to charge easily while roaming, at their destination, or while in business trips.

Also, thanks to a unique fleet management tool, you will monitor your fleet without difficulty, even if it is composed of both thermal and electric cars.


Why choose TotalEnergies as your charge service operator?


I chose TotalEnergies connected charge points for the simplicity and functionality of the proposed solution, a very convincing offer on the technical and financial level, and the quality of the commercial contact. The implementation was done in a perfectly controlled timing. Since then, we have been using the charge points every day and very regularly the supervision web platform, which is very easy to use, enabling charge points remote management but also to extract diverse and varied reports in a simple and intuitive way. I strongly recommend to my fellow fleet managers who wish to electrify their sites to integrate TotalEnergies' solutions into their tenders.

Frédéric Millot MAZARS