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Charging stations for companies' parking lot


Recognized expertise

Ten years of recognized expertise in electric mobility combined with the strength of an energy Major.


A turnkey service

Our user-friendly charge service can be set up and operated without any constraints.


A customized approach

Ability to adapt to the different needs and particularities of your company to provide the most relevant solution.


An increasing number of drivers are switching to electric cars, charging their vehicles mainly at home and workplace.

Your company can make their lives easier and increase their satisfaction by enabling them to charge their car, thanks to the solutions developed by TotalEnergies.

Our turnkey solution allows employees to pay for their charging session and gives the site manager the option of partially subsidizing the top-up.

A service that is simple to implement for the manager and simple to access for users.


Why choose TotalEnergies as your charge service operator?

We have a ten-year experience with more than 15,000 operated charge points in France, the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2019, these operated charge points delivered more than 10 GWh of electrical energy, enabling our customers to travel nearly 60 million kilometers* in electric vehicles (i.e. 1,500 times around the Earth).

Our employees hosting charge service can be set up and operated without any constraints and is easy to use on a daily basis for employees. It is also totally compliant with the corporate fleet charging solution; the infrastructure can handle different user profiles and billing processes.

* Hypothesis: The average consumption of an EV is 17 kWh/100km.