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Charging stations for your guests and customers


Pledge of quality

Expertise and daily proximity as elements of trust for an available and quality service.


A turnkey service

Charge service installation and operation without constraints, and a simple daily use for your customers.


Widely open and accessible

A charge service network accessible to as many people as possible to optimize the use of your facilities and adapt to your customers' needs.

Equip customer carparks and welcome visitors

Whether you are a car dealership, a shopping mall or a public car park, provide your customers with the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles. You can benefit from TotalEnergies' turnkey solutions, products and services. Many cards are offered by e-mobility service providers; to welcome all visitors holding one of these cards, we take care of the commercial, technical and administrative relations with the various operators on the e-mobility market. To make the service available to as many people as possible, online payment with a credit card is also available. As for mobility operators, we take care of the administrative and technical aspects involved in online payment. The service is highly accessible for users, and easy to manage for your customers.


Why choose TotalEnergies as your charge service operator?

We developed our expertise as Charge Service Operator, particularly through the implementation of charge services in French Departments, in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam and with the high-power charge network we are building in TotalEnergies service stations across Western Europe.

As a result of our 10-year experience, more than 15,000 charge points are operated by TotalEnergies in France, the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2019, these operated charge points delivered more than 10 GWh of electrical energy, enabling our customers to travel nearly 60 million kilometers* in electric vehicles (i.e. 1,500 times around the Earth).

* Hypothesis: The average consumption of an EV is 17 kWh/100km.