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EV charging solutions for local authorities


Recognized expertise

Ten years of experience and expertise recognized for the simplified management of your equipment.


Reliable service

All the quality of services and experience of the TotalEnergies Group so your administration fleet benefits from an optimized charge service.


A turnkey service

The charge service is set up and operated without constraints for ans simple daily use. 

Charge your dedicated administrative fleet

Do you need to equip your fleet? TotalEnergies provides you with a charge service based on our experience and expertise to simplify the management of your equipment: in the workplace, and on the road. Rely on simple solution addressing the specific needs of your administration for electric vehicles, which is ready to use at any time.

The EV Platform, one of our connected tools, allows you to check and analyse the charging status and the activity of your vehicles in order to optimize their use. Hardware, software, technical support, automatic billing: TotalEnergies offers you a turnkey solution without any constraints and easy to use on a daily basis.


Why choose TotalEnergies as your charge service provider?

One third of French municipalities who have decided to equip themselves with charging solutions have chosen us. TotalEnergies is, also, one of the leaders in public charging in the Netherlands as we will install and operate up to 20,000 charge points in the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam.

TotalEnergies is known for being a Major in energy for mobility as it is the 4th largest global player in the lubricants market, it has the 2nd largest distribution network of the majors (excluding North America) and it is the 2nd largest LNG company in the world.