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06/09/2022 News

4 steps to install a charging station at home


Step 1: Contact your energy supplier


They are here to support and advise you!

(Check to see that your energy supplier offers home charging)


Here is some information that your advisor will ask you:

  • Your personal situation: tenant or owner, in an individual house or in a co-property
  • The power supplied with your electricity offer (6, 9, 12 kVA…)
  • The electric vehicle you intend to own or the one you are already using

Based on the information given, your energy supplier will suggest the charging station that could meet your needs. Moreover, They will inform you about all subsidies and grants given by the state to install a charging station at home.

At TotalEnergies, our charging stations are compatible with all electric vehicles and can be installed indoors or outdoors, according to your wishes.




charge dun véhicule électrique



There are 2 offers at TotalEnergies


1. The Smart Recharge Pack offers a connected charging station that provides access to your charging history and costs via the TotalEnergies App. Thanks to the Smart Recharge technology, a dynamic power adjustment is permanently activated, allowing your home’s energy consumption to coexist with your electric vehicle’s energy consumption, while respecting the available power ceiling.

A technical and repair assistance is included in this pack. In case of problems with your charging station, we offer you a repair solution for which TotalEnergies will pay up to 400€. You also benefit from a 24/7 breakdown assistance insurance that offers a choice of a taxi service, the provision of a replacement vehicle or a towing of the vehicle to a charging station near by.


The choice is yours!



2. The Standard Recharge Pack offers a non-connected charging station.

Technical assistance is included in this pack. We diagnose your charging station based on the information provided over the phone and we suggest a repair solution.


Click here to know more about our pack offers at home. 

And if you live in Belgium, please find all the information here



We encourage you to request a quote via the form on our website. It is totally free and without any obligation. Take the time to discuss with your advisor about the different charging solutions available.

Once you have decided on the offer that best meets your needs, a personalized quote will be sent to you.



Step 2: Signature of the quote and appointment scheduling for the installation of your charging station



The quote includes 2 main elements:

Once the quote is signed, the technician will call you to fix an appointment within 30 days.



Step 3: The installation day


Installing a charging station at home can be tricky, depending on the configuration of your home. That’s why at TotalEnergies, we only work with EVSE certified technicians. It ensures that your installation meets market standards and allows you to benefit from an efficient home charging service.

On the day of the installation, the technician will:

  1. Install your charging station
  2. Put it into service
  3. Show you how to use it
  4. Read the user manual with you
  5. Answer your questions


Step 4 : Plug & Enjoy.


TotalEnergies will send you an evaluation so that you can assess the support from A to Z.

Now, the only thing left to do is to take advantage of your charging station that can cover 100 km for less than 3 euros !



In a nutshell...

You can install a charging station at home by following only 3 steps.

First, you need to contact your energy supplier. Depending on your situation and your needs, your advisor will guide you from A to Z to provide you with the charging solution that suits you best.  At TotalEnergies, there are two offers.

You can look at them here if you are in France, or here if you live in Belgium.

After contacting your energy supplier, you will have the opportunity to sign the quote and make an appointment for the installation of your charging station.

Then, without further delay, the operational teams will come to your place to install the charging station you have ordered.

Finally, now your only job is to plug your electric vehicle and enjoy the ride!

However, if you live in an apartment in the city, TotalEnergies is providing a smooth and safe electric mobility experience at its service stations

The Company's primary goal is to meet the first need of an electric vehicle driver: to easily find an available and functional charging station on their way.

So, sit back and enjoy the ride!