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12/10/2023 News

Amina, watt’s your job?

Ever wondered about the people working behind the scenes in the TotalEnergies charging network? The ‘Watt’s your job’ series offers up a snapshot of the experts working tirelessly to bring our customers the very best charging experience.

Today, meet Amina, a lead developer at TotalEnergies for over four years now. Her job? To ensure the chargers effectively communicate with the outside world thanks to embedded software inside the terminals (yep, she loves code).


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Amina, watt’s your job?

All good?

Hello, I’m Amina.
I’ve been a Lead Developer at TotalEnergies’ EV Charge department for nearly four years now. 

Our job is to run and install electric chargers.

Your job in a sentence

My job is to oversee a team of developers to design and implement IT solutions.

Your job in jargon?

To design and implement technical software embedded in the electric vehicles chargers. 

Your career to date?

I’ve been a developer for 15 years now.

I started out in 3D software, before becoming a systems engineer in air traffic control.
I then joined TotalEnergies.

The number-one priority in your job?

Simplify the customer experience so they don’t see all the complexity that goes into charging their vehicle. 

Any examples?

Take bank card payments: each one involves no fewer than five back-and-forth interactions between our information systems, our embedded software, and the bank. 

The number-one challenge in your job?

Understanding business aspects, the company’s focal points, and giving the developers as much context as possible to help them successfully build solutions.

The more they understand, the more efficient they are.

That one’s pretty good, right?

The number-one innovation in your job?

Plug & Charge. The goal is to simplify the customer experience as far as possible.

We want them to be able to charge without needing a bank card or pass.

And that’s done.

Was that good?

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