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09/11/2023 News

Anas, watt’s your job?

Ever wondered about the people working behind the scenes in the TotalEnergies’ charging network? The "Watt’s your job"’s serie offers up a snapshot of the experts working tirelessly to bring our customers the best charging experience.

Today, meet Anas: head of TotalEnergies’ B2B@Home segment. His job? Helping companies give their staff access to home charging solutions.



Well, listen! Let’s start! 

Hello all, my name’s Anas and I lead a B2B @HOME segment within TotalEnergies’ EV Charge department. 

Your job in a sentence

I oversee teams tasked with installing at-home chargers for our clients’ employees.

Your job in jargon?

We support our clients’ energy transition by setting up chargers in their employees’ homes. We offer lots of options, particularly dynamic load management and professional charge refunds.

Who are your clients?

Companies of all sizes that finance chargers to be set up in their employees’ homes. 

The number-one priority in your job?

Client satisfaction (starting with installing the charger, our baby!), as well as supervising to monitor consumption, and of course after-sales service. It’s essentially a turnkey solution. 

The number-one challenge in your job?

Guaranteeing optimised charge with dynamic load management. Imagine you have an oven, microwave, and other electrical equipment plugged in, and you want to charge your vehicle. You have two options. Either you can increase your power and pay a higher subscription fee, or with dynamic load management, our chargers adapt in real time to your home's consumption.

The number-one innovation in your job?

Our EV HOME platform offers a simplified customer journey, where you can find all the information you need straight away. Date of installation; tracking of personal and business consumption. For our customers who have huge fleets to manage, it's a game-changer.

Your career to date?

My career has been quite unusual. I started with a fibre optics installer and was lucky enough to be one of their pioneers working to develop an electric mobility offer. 

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