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04/01/2024 News

Anne-Charlotte, watt’s your job?

Ever wondered about the people working behind the scenes in the TotalEnergies charging network? The “Watt’s your job” serie offers up a snapshot of the experts working tirelessly to bring our customers the very best charging experience.  

Today, we meet Anne-Charlotte, eMobility Delivery Manager B2G at TotalEnergies in Belgium, who talks us through how her work is helping bring all citizens access to electric charging.

Coordination, communication, agility and management of unexpected events are the watchwords that punctuate her daily life.

Her goal: to deploy chargers as quickly as possible to contribute to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in Belgium.

Discover Anne-Charlotte’s role and daily life!

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Anne-Charlotte, watt’s your job?

watt’s your job?

Dag iedereen welkom in België! (Hello everyone, welcome in Belgium)

My name is Anne-Charlotte, I've been working for TotalEnergies for a year and a half and I am involved in rolling out public chargers.  

Your Job in a sentence ?

My job is to coordinate the various stakeholders involved in charger’s installation. So we’re talking about the installer, the network manager and city representatives. So I make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible between these three parties. 

Your Job in jargon?

In more technical terms, we will be in communication with the city to ensure the best location for installing the charger, so it gets as much use as possible. And we check the specific technical features of this location with the network manager and our installer. 

Who are your clients?

Our clients are systematically cities, but I have colleagues who also handle requests from professionals, meaning at their own sites or their employees' homes.  

The number-one priority in your job?

Our priority is to make sure that people can charge their cars whenever and wherever they need to. In Belgium, some people are unable to charge their vehicles at their home, and they are entitled to ask the city to install a charger within 250 metres of their home. We take these requests and install them.  

The number-one challenge in your job?

The main challenge of our job is to get these chargers up and running as quickly as possible. So we sometimes have to manage unexpected events, but thanks to the experience we have acquired on projects such as Antwerp where we have 500 charge points, we are now in a position to manage projects such as Flanders with 4000 charge points. We are experienced.  

The number-one innovation in your job?

The innovation in our job is that we have a tracking tool that is shared with both city representatives and installers, where everyone has real-time information, at any time. So it allows everyone to work in a more agile and more effective way. 

Long live electric mobility and happy new year to everyone!

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