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07/02/2024 News

Drive connected across the Lille European Metropolis with TotalEnergies

After Paris in 2020 followed by Aix-Marseille Provence in 2022, TotalEnergies has won the call for tenders put out by the Lille European Metropolis to install and operate 800 new charge points, as well as taking over the existing 96. These charge points will be distributed over nearly 300 sites and will be powered by renewable electricity. To meet the various needs of residents in the metropolis, the charging network, operated by TotalEnergies, will feature three types of power:

  • 700 accelerated charge points (22 kVA)
  • 80 rapid charge points (50 kW)
  • 120 high-power charge points (200 kW)

Watch Marie Djordjian, Managing Director France of TotalEnergies Charging Services, talk about the project!

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Drive connected across the Lille European Metropolis with TotalEnergies

Hello Marie.


Today we’re going to talk about electric mobility in Lille. Marie in less than 15 seconds, what is happening in Lille?

It’s quite simple. We’ve just won the call for tenders of the European Metropolis of Lille for the installation and operation of 900 charge points on almost 300 sites in the 95 municipalities that make up the Lille Metropolitan area. And we’re really proud of this success. It doesn’t matter, I will say it, we’re really proud of this success, after Paris in 2020 and Aix-Marseille-Provence in 2022.

Can you tell us more about these 900 charge points?

Yes, 900 charge points, but with different power ranges from 22, 50 and 200 kW. And above all, charge points powered by renewable electricity.

As one imagines that to win this tender, you had to go to Lille with your teams, did you take the opportunity to discover the city? Answer « true » or « false » as quickly as possible to the following questions. Are you ready?

I will try!

In Lille, we drink coffee with Maroilles cheese. 


In Lille, it rains more than 200 days a year.

False it’s more. 

And no, it’s 127. That’s false. In Lille, Dany Boon is a Ch’ti icon. 

That’s true.

In Lille, mobility is electrifying.

That’s absolutely true!

So concretely, Marie, what are the different power ranges of the chargers used for?

Indeed, the chargers are not used the same way. A 22 KVA charger essentially meets the needs of the inhabitants of the Lille Metropolis especially for their overnight charging. It will also meet a need for occasional charging. When you go… I can’t do it in 15 seconds, this topic is too important. A 50kW charger, corresponds to a fast charge. It will meet a need 
for an opportunity recharge and a 200 kW charger is considered a high-power charger which will meet the needs of someone who is passing through and needs to charge quickly. And this meets the needs of professionals who need to charge for a short period of time. 

Finally and frankly, what makes you proud of this project Marie?

I am proud to be able to offer a reliable and fully customized charging service to the residents of the Lille Metropolis. And secondly, more broadly, to accompany and facilitate the transition to electric mobility. And I made it in 15 seconds!

Well done!

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