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28/02/2022 News

A look back at... 2021, a year full of news for electric mobility

In France and Germany, the Company has positioned itself to respond to several calls for tender for highways concessions. Although competition for fast and high-power charging on highways is tough, TotalEnergies is aiming for a 35% market share in France and hopes to win the maximum award in the consultation process launched by the German Government for 150 service stations.

The year 2021 also saw the completion of several projects, including Belib' and Source London

  • In Paris, the successful deployment of the Belib' project of 2,300 charge points was completed on schedule.


  • In London, the take-over of the Source London network, the capital's main network (1,700 charge points), involved changing the operational system for the chargers - Bolloré's own - which had to be migrated to the standard protocols we use. At the same time, TotalEnergies developed new features, such as booking and voucher systems, in a very short time, showing the Company's expertise. The take-over of the network took place without any interruption of service for the London users.


  • In the Netherlands and Belgium, TotalEnergies is consolidating its position as a key player in public charging by adding the cities of Amsterdam, Antwerp and Ghent to the concessions already won in both territories.

2021 was also the year in which the electric mobility business expanded into new geographies and new markets

In Europe

  • Spain started its activity as a charge point operator. For now, Spain is more focused company and professional segments, especially car manufacturers.
  • The inauguration at La Défense (Europe's largest economic hub) of the first 100% electric converted service station was a strong symbol of the Company's transformation.
  • Luxembourg is also embarking on the electric mobility adventure with a complete offer for professionals @home, @work and on the road. One of the main challenges for this geography is to create an offer adapted to a country with many cross-border workers.
  • The year also saw the launch of the @home connected offer for individuals by the affiliate TotalEnergies Électricité et Gaz France and Lampiris in Belgium. Securing the supply of energy is paramount for the Company, and it is estimated that around 52% of charging sessions will take place at home by 2030.

In Asia

  • TotalEnergies will set up in Singapore by acquiring the Bolloré network (around 1,500 charge points). As with Source London, a technical and commercial take-over is planned for 2022.
  • In China, the world's largest market for electric mobility, the Company has set up a Joint Venture with a major Chinese renewable energy player, Three Gorges Corporation. The objective of this cooperation is to install 11,000 fast charging stations in Wuhan and the Hubei region and to position itself as a leader in the fast-charging market.