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17/01/2024 News

Power-Up: Effia Group

Power-Up: over to you! Introducing our brand-new series of testimonials from clients across Europe, who share their thoughts on electric mobility and how the energy transition is impacting their line of work.

Today we hear from Head of Sales and Marketing Pierre-Henri Laureyssens, from Effia in Belgium, a group that has decided to engage in sustainable mobility and equip its parking lots out with TotalEnergies’ electric chargers.

Changes in Belgian legislation, massive adoption of electric vehicles and new uses are the main factors that prompted Mr Laureyssens to equip his parkings lots with charging infrastructures. And it’s good news for his clients across Belgium, from Brussels, Liège and Antwerp to Louvain-la-Neuve and beyond.

The Effia group didn’t choose TotalEnergies by chance: he was seduced by the the proposal of the Company, a recognized actor in electric mobility in Belgium, which offered complete support, from site study, to chargers’ supervision and maintenance.

The result? Positive assessment and greater autonomy to manage its electric chargers, which allows to extend them within its parkings lots .

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Power-Up: Effia Group

Electric mobility in Belgium, it’s now!

My name is Pierre-Henri Laureyssens, I am Sales and Marketing Director for the EFFIA group in Belgium.

We have 33 parking lots in Belgium in 11 cities.

We currently have 5 parking lots equipped with TotalEnergies’ electric chargers.

We have decided to install chargers for different reasons.

The first was to offer an additional service to our customers.

The second was to become part of soft mobility, which is clearly topical. The third was to respond to the competition, which is also equipped with electric chargers.

We have taken TotalEnergies chargers, with maximum power of 22 kW.

These 22 kW chargers are the maximum allowed power in underground parking lots and allow variable speed charging for our customers, when they come to do their shopping. We chose TotalEnergies for their brand’s reputation, and the service offering, which included not only charger’s installation, but also connection to our electrical panels, and obviously with the experience of TotalEnergies confirmed here in Belgium. 

My name is Kevin Leroy, I am Key Account Manager for TotalEnergies.

Mr. Laureyssens had two main needs concerning the chargers.

Firstly, maximizing the availability rate of chargers to ensure the best possible experience for the end user. And secondly, the possibility to monitor consumption and occupancy in real time on these chargers, in order to then estimate the future expansion of this charging area. Lastly, Mr. Laureyssens is able to change the price per kWh on his various chargers, in order to respond to market price fluctuations.
So, the assessment we draw from the experience is positive. Thanks to TotalEnergies’ new tools, we can manage our electric chargers fully independently.

The platform enables us to see the occupancy rate and consumption of the chargers, and support is available 24/7 for any issues.

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