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30/11/2023 News

Power-Up: Varillon Logistique

Power-Up: over to you! Introducing our brand-new series of testimonials from clients across Europe, who share their thoughts on electric mobility and how the energy transition is impacting their line of work.

Today, we find out how TotalEnergies’ charging solutions have hit the spot for Etienne Varillon, the factory and electric trucks' fleet manager at Varillon Logistique, a Normandy-based company specialising in freight transport and logistics. 

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Power-up: Varillon Logistique

Electric trucks are probably the future.

So we’ve decided to make the leap right now.

My name’s Etienne Varillon and I work for VARILLON LOGISTIQUE.

We have a fleet of 80 motor vehicles, four of which are 100% electric.

We wanted to anticipate the introduction of low-emission zones (LEZ) and Crit’Air stickers in big cities.

Soon, certain diesel vehicles will be barred from LEZs and city centers.

This gives us experience and puts us ahead of the competition.

So we’ve invested in two trucks with 350-kilometer range for the greater Paris rounds and two other trucks with 250-kilometer range that do rounds in the greater Rouen area, another LEZ. These driving ranges are perfectly aligned with our work and we can even do the same rounds as with combustion-engine vehicles.

We decided to install a DC 150 kW charger to charge the two trucks with big battery packs at the same time, the ones with extended ranges. And we charge the vehicles with lower driving range using AC 22 kVA chargers.We charge the electric vehicles at night when they are being emptied and reloaded [with goods] ready for the next day’s round. We chose to work with TotalEnergies because, for us, it was a guarantee of trust, efficiency and safety.

My name’s Adrien Noble and I’m a truck project manager at TotalEnergies.

Working with a company like VARILLON LOGISTIQUE on its low-carbon goals, particularly through electric mobility, means offering a turnkey solution, from project sizing to commissioning and furniture of a charging service.

Logistics companies need to have their trucks charged and ready in the morning. With that in mind, we have set up a monitoring service and 24-hour hotline to ensure maximum chargers’ availability rates.
Ten months down the line, and the results are very positive.

Our fears about driving range are completely erased. Electric vehicles convey a really positive image, and feedback from our drivers is excellent too. 

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