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02/02/2024 News

Steven Bens, watt’s your job?

Ever wondered about the people working behind the scenes in the TotalEnergies Belgium charging network? The “Watt’s your job” serie offers up a snapshot of the experts working tirelessly to bring our customers the very best charging experience.   

Today, we meet Steven Bens, a Product Engineer in Belgium. His job involves designing innovative solutions and chargers to meet both professionals’ and local authorithies’ needs.
Among these innovative solutions, we find Smart Charging which we were able to discover in this article, and which holds no secrets for Steven anymore. 

Developing and testing new features, optimising energy consumption, and streamlining processes and products are some of the biggest challenges in accelerating chargers’ deployment across Belgium and thus, accelerate the energy transition.

Discover Steven’s role and his daily life!

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Steven Bens, watt's your job?

Let’s serious. Hello, my name is Steven Bens. I'm the product engineer of the electric mobility team of TotalEnergies Belgium.

Your job in a sentence? 

My job is to create the hardware solutions for electric mobility in Belgium for everyone.

Your job in jargon?

In Belgium, we install chargers in public, private and in professional locations. And my goal is to create hardware solutions for all these segments so that our teams can install the chargers. So a big part of my job is also to test these new chargers and functionalities that we need for our clients.

Your number-one priority? 

You see these chargers behind me? So my number one priority is to make sure that our installers can install them as fast and simple as possible, and that they work perfectly for our clients.

The number-one innovation in your job? 

The number one innovation in my job is working on smart charging. It's making sure that we use the available energy on a site, as efficient as possible, towards the customer needs.

Do you have an example?

In this parking, we have 35 charge points in one parking lot, in a building. The goal here is to use the available energy of the building, as efficient as possible, for all the chargers in the basement. So when the building is consuming more energy, we will decrease the amount of energy used by the chargers.

The number-one challenge in your job?

Although every charger is similar, every installation can be different. So my goal is to standardize products and processes that we need, to install as many chargers as necessary to beat the energy transition.

Your final word?

Let's accelerate the energy transition together.

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