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19/04/2024 News

With TotalEnergies, electric mobility takes a new turn in Bordeaux

TotalEnergies has been selected by METPARK, Bordeaux’s parking authority to install, operate and maintain 1,500 charge points that will be distributed across 26 parking lots. These charge points will be powered by 100% renewable electricity (certified by origin guarantees).

To make charging accessible to all METPARK customers, this charging network, operated by TotalEnergies, will provide users with a complete infrastructure to meet all needs:

  • 1,460 charge points (7 kVA)
  • 22 fast charge points (50 kW)
  • 18 high-power charge points (200 kW)

Discover the project with Nicolas Longatte, Vice President of TotalEnergies Charging Services

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TotalEnergies has been chosen to install 1,500 charge points in 26 parking lots in Bordeaux.

To know more about the new charging network operated by TotalEnergies, click here:

Hello Nicolas, You are in charge of the electric mobility  business at TotalEnergies,
and you’re taking us to Bordeaux today. Tell us what’s going on in Bordeaux.

Great news ! We won the tender for the Metpark car parks in Bordeaux.
So it’s a great project,1,500 charge points, in 26 car parks over a 15-year period.
15 seconds!

Why is it important to equip car parks?

There are two main reasons. First,  these are strategic locations for our customers
in Bordeaux. And second, it serves a dual purpose, both charging  and parking.
And I think we’re just in time!

Exactly !
Bordeaux is a magnificent city. Did you take the opportunity to discover it ?
Answer the following questions As quickly as possible:
What do you call a « pain au chocolat » in Bordeaux?          

A « Chocolatine »!

Well done!

Can you visit Château Margaux?

I have no idea. Yes?  

Yes, but you can drink it too!

Are the people of Bordeaux as connected as their car parks?

If they are like MetPark, I’m going to say yes!

Back to the car parks! What type of chargers will you be installing?

The MetPark project is very interesting because we’re going to cover all our customers’ needs. First of all, we’re going to install a majority of 7kW charge points for residential
or destination parking. We will also be installing fast and high-power chargers: 50 kW and 200 kW. The buzzer has rung, I’m going on…For all visitors. So it’s an extremely complete project That meets all of our customers’ needs, which is what drives us on every day.

Perfect. And your final word?

So my final word is simple. A big thank to our partner Metpark for trusting us
on this project. And of course, I would like to thank all the TotalEnergies teams who worked for many months to win this project. So it’s a collective effort! And now, we’re off to Bordeaux!