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03/08/2023 News

Customer Week: the floor is yours!

"Which charging station should I use to charge my vehicle? How long does it take to charge my battery? How much will my charging session cost?". Whether you already drive an electric vehicle or you are thinking about getting one, these are questions which are doubtless in your mind, and which we got to answer at a brand-new event held at our service stations: Customer Week.


The aims of this event?

  • Shed some light on various terms and acronyms from the world of electric mobility – not everybody knows what e-MSPs and CPOs are, or what is the difference between AC and DC.

  • Understand your needs and the barriers to your getting an electric vehicle in order to give you advice and think about which solutions meet your needs.

At the same time, it was also an opportunity for service station customers to engage in an educational activity – they got to test their knowledge of the world of electric mobility. Of the 150 customers we met, 92% realised that charging time varied from model to model, 72% knew that they did not have to fully charge their electric vehicle every time, but only 51% knew that the price could vary depending on the method of payment they used.


Our conclusion ?

Electric mobility is gradually making its way into our day-to-day lives! It's a whole new world to explore, and our role is to help you through this transition, providing you with additional services to enhance your experience during a charging session

And to conclude, do you think you know everything there is to know about electric mobility?

Discover the answers in this video!


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Semaine du Client

The Customer Week : here we go !

Hello everyone! Today we're delighted to welcome you to our service stations for the Customer Week! Are you ready to take our EV Quizz? Here we go!

The first electric vehicle was designed in the 19th century : True or false ?

The charging time for a battery is the same for all cars : True or false ?

Electrification is the passage of an electric current through the body resulting in death : True or false ?

Depending on the method of payment, the price may differ from that displayed on the charging station : True or false ?

DC charging enables lower charging power than AC charging : True or false ?

Well done and thank you all for playing the game! You now know everything there is to know about the world of electric mobility!

And thanks to your feedback, we will be able to optimize our products and services based on your needs!

See you soon!

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