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16/05/2023 Event

Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS35)

Talk on the future of electric mobility and emissions from the transport sector

For the 2022 event, over 10,000 electric mobility professionals met to share their points of view and achieve shared solutions.

This event was an opportunity for TotalEnergies to promote its role as Charge Point Operator (CPO) and Mobility Services Provider (eMSP). Over fifty talks covered a range of topics including the electrification of different types of transport, innovation and market and network impact. Delegates met with a shared goal of facilitating mass adoption of electric mobility.

Our experts had the opportunity to share their views on topics of current interest, such as slow and rapid charging, charging prices and Plug&Charge..

Pierre Clasquin’s talk on rapid charging

Pierre Clasquin, Vice President EV Charge at TotalEnergies

Pierre-Olivier Ducouret’s talk on Plug&Charge

Pierre-Olivier Ducouret, Front Office Functionalities Manager

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