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17/05/2023 Event

European Parking Association Congress (EPA)

For the 2022 meeting the theme was “The EU’s Green Deal and the Future of Parking - Integrated Solutions for Dynamic Urban Management”.

This European meeting brought together parking operators, national and local public administrations, representatives from European commissions and experts in electric mobility and urban logistics. The participants were able to discuss the challenges and potential opportunities around parking.

Stefaan De Ganck, director of TotalEnergies Charging Solutions Belgium, gave a presentation on the Company’s EV charging activity and its growing dynamism in Belgium. After recalling the role of TotalEnergies as an integrated actor in the electric mobility value chain (as an energy supplier, charge point operator and provider of mobility services), he emphasized our offers and dedicated support for car park operators seeking end-to-end charging solutions facilitating a complete service for end users

Le Smart Charging, une solution de recharge « intelligente », est une réponse aux besoins des gestionnaires de parking. Elle permet d’optimiser l’allocation de l’énergie pour la recharge de véhicules électriques en s’adaptant aux contraintes de consommation énergétiques du site et à la puissance disponible.

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