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12/01/2024 News

TotalEnergies, integrated actor in electric mobility

Key figures worldwide in 2023

Discover TotalEnergies' activities as a charging operator in Europe and beyond, our key figures and our charging solutions for light and trucks vehicles.


This infographic presents the CPO's activity of EV Charge from TotalEnergies.

Our ambition?

To become a major player in electric mobility. 

We provide our customers and electric vehicles users with a complete turnkey solution:

  • Supply of renewable energy;
  • Charging network's technical and commercial operation;
  • Associated mobility services;

Our key figures in Europe 2023 :

  • +51 000 charge points operated;
  • +1 500 high-power charge points;
  • 396 GWh delivered;

Figures at the end of december 2023;

Charging solutions tailored to your needs

We are adapting our distribution model to provide renewable energy, where our customers need it, with charge points operated at home, at workplace and on the road for electric vehicles and trucks: 

Electric vehicles:

  • 27% of charging sessions at work;
  • 14% of charging sessions on public way: 6 % on the road and 8 % at destination;
  • 52% of charging sessions at home;
  • 7% of charging sessions in service stations;

Electric trucks:

  • Charging at the depot;
  • Charging at destination;
  • Charging on the road;

An international presence

  • In Europe: United-Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain;
  • And beyond: China, India, Singapore;

Discover TotalEnergies' electric charging solutions!