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19/04/2024 Press release

TotalEnergies to Install 1,500 EV Charge Points in METPARK Parking Lots in Bordeaux

Bordeaux, April 19, 2024 – TotalEnergies has been awarded the contract for Bordeaux’s parking authority, METPARK, to install, operate and maintain 1,500 charge points in 26 parking lots. The fifteen-year contract, France’s largest concession by a public parking operator, covers the supply, installation, and technical and commercial operation of the network, and the first charge points will begin supplying guaranteed-origin, fully renewable electricity from summer 2024. 

Making charging accessible to all

TotalEnergies is committed to meeting all the needs of METPARK’s individual and business customers by installing a full range of infrastructure:

  • 1,420 charge points at 7 kVA, for residential and destination parking;
  • 40 charge points at 7 kVA for motorized two-wheeled vehicle parking;
  • 22 fast charge points at 50 kW across seven parking lots for vehicles stopping temporarily;
  • 18 high-power charge points at 200 kW available at three parking lots, that can supply an 80% charge in around twenty minutes.

Attractive offers will be available for visitors and subscribers, including night rates to encourage users to charge their vehicles during off-peak hours. The cost of parking will be waived for users of the fast and high-power services who charge for less than thirty minutes.

"As a charge point operator, our role is to help our business customers decarbonize their activities, with offerings that allow EV drivers to travel with complete peace of mind. We are proud to support METPARK toward more sustainable mobility," said Marie Djordjian, Managing Director France, TotalEnergies Charging Services.

"Our aim, with the installation of these 1,500 charge points, is to meet the objectives of the French Mobility Orientation Law and the Bordeaux city council’s plan for electric vehicles as well as the national and EU drive to decarbonize our city centers," added Nicolas Andreotti, Managing Director, METPARK.

TotalEnergies and METPARK commit to sustainable transport 

This contract restates METPARK’s support for a transition to more sustainable transport solutions. The presence of charge points in garages is not new, but the deployment of 1,500 charge points marks a significant milestone, as an initiative that goes further in making an active contribution to promoting EV adoption and the creation of a greener urban environment for the people of Bordeaux and its surrounding area. 

In France, TotalEnergies already operates over 20,000 charge points in service stations, urban areas, and public and company parking lots. 
Under its strategy to install charge points across the country, and to support the rise of EV use, TotalEnergies has already equipped 220 French service stations, and is aiming for 500 by 2026, i.e.:

  • 200 service stations on the national road network (motorways and ring roads);
  • 300 urban, suburban and transit (airport and station) service stations, one third of which will be full electric sites, like the eight service stations that have already been opened in Lyon, Lille, Paris-La Défense, Metz, Courbevoie, Rouen, etc.


About TotalEnergies  

TotalEnergies is a global multi-energy company that produces and markets energies: oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables and electricity. Our more than 100,000 employees are committed to energy that is ever more affordable, more sustainable, more reliable and accessible to as many people as possible. Active in nearly 130 countries, TotalEnergies puts sustainable development in all its dimensions at the heart of its projects and operations to contribute to the well-being of people


The city parking operator is an EPIC public entity (établissement public industriel et commercial). It is adapting to new modes of transport in the Bordeaux agglomeration by implementing the transport and parking policies of its parent entity, Bordeaux Métropole. METPARK is currently a major player in the transport landscape, operating over 15,000 parking places in 32 parking lots, catering to almost 4 million visitors a year, and managing over 11,000 subscriptions.

About Bordeaux Métropole

Bordeaux Métropole is an EPCI public entity (établissement public de coopération intercommunale) for 28 municipalities with 801,041 inhabitants in 2018, across 57,828 hectares. Bordeaux Métropole is involved in the everyday lives of those people: transport, housing, urban planning, economic development, jobs, the protection of nature, water, sanitation, waste, digitalization, support for sport and culture, and metropolitan and municipal facilities such as schools and stadiums. Access to high-quality public services is therefore foremost among the city’s priorities. To organize these competencies into a coherent project on behalf of all local citizens, Bordeaux Métropole has defined strategies that apply to all the public policies implemented to meet its ambition of being a local, innovative, inclusive and ecological city authority.

Contacts TotalEnergies

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Relations Investisseurs : +33 (0)1 47 44 46 46 l [email protected]

Contacts METPARK

Nicolas Andreotti [email protected] 05 56 99 50 00
Solenne Villéger [email protected] 05 56 99 50 00


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