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The charge service operator's role and missions

In addition to supply charge points and connected tools, TotalEnergies acts as a charge service operator (CSO). The CSO ensures the technical and commercial operation of a charge points network for his corporate or public authority customer. He relies on the on-site and online connected tools to fulfil his missions as efficiently as possible. The CSO is therefore a service provider, responsible for delivering services to users. He must ensure the accessibility and availability of the charge service. The CSO is a true managing partner at the centre of a complex ecosystem providing an optimal charging service, available, accessible to users and a turnkey solution for the customer, by taking care of:

  • Installation, commissioning
  • Support and maintenance
  • Energy management (distribution, supply, operation)
  • Interoperability management with e-mobility service providers
  • Managing users and financial flows
  • Sending or consulting detailed consumption reports

Combined, all these activities provide an efficient, interoperable and comprehensive charging service from installation of charging stations to the operation of mobility and roaming services for customers and users. TotalEnergies offers to manage all this complexity, to facilitate your entry into electric mobility, and by relying on a 10-year expertise on the field.

Installation, Commissioning


We rely on a network of qualified installation partners with the right certifications and trained for the installation and commissioning of our products. The advantages of working with our usual subcontractors are numerous: minimization of delays and audits thanks to the different local networks; high price/performance ratio thanks to a careful selection process; a securing installation due to the proximity of the supplier/installer relationship; simplification of compliance processes to qualify for premiums.


Support and maintenance


Once the infrastructure is setup, our mission is not over; we must ensure that the charging service is available and functional for users. TotalEnergies' goal is to provide a quality service, through smart processes and tools to enable us to have the best possible service for our customers and the charging service users. Our levers of action to exploit your infrastructures are based on 3 pillars: our dedicated telephone platform staffed by professional advisers and technical support managers, our management platform that enables us to orchestrate maintenance with alert systems, remote diagnostics and historical data, and our network of local maintainers to intervene on your charging stations when needed.


Energy management (Distribution, Supply, Operation)


Our connected charging solutions enable the implementation and monitoring of smart charging policies. Smart charging means limiting energy consumption and thus, the energy bill and carbon footprint, while satisfying the users’ need for mobility. As an integrated player in energy used for mobility, TotalEnergies can also provide energy supply solutions through our dedicated subsidiaries. TotalEnergies is the fourth largest energy supplier with millions of customers across Europe. We are also present along the photovoltaic value chain and we have been an integrated player for more than 40 years. As Charge Service Operator, we can also link up with Distribution System Operators (DSO) to take energy optimization further, on a wider dimension.


Interoperability Management with e-mobility service providers


To ensure the most open and accessible charging service for all users, we take care of the commercial, technical, legal and administrative relationship with e-mobility service providers (eMSPs). Through mobility cards or mobile applications, they enable EV users to access several publicly accessible charging station networks. Take advantage of our partnerships to have a turnkey service, and to optimize the use of your infrastructures. Good to know, TotalEnergies is a Charge Service Operator but also an e-Mobility Service Provider. Please contact us to know more. 


Managing users and financial flows


As a Charge Service Operator, we manage user services: from setting up charge points to handle differentiated services for various user profiles, to managing monetization and financial flows between users, infrastructure owners (our customers most of the time), and e-mobility service providers. To have a complete set of services for users, our dedicated support is also available to users for assistance, with different service levels according to customers’ needs. 


Sending or consulting detailed consumption reports


We provide our customers with access to a relevant consumption reporting and charge points monitoring, to guarantee and validate a good use of the infrastructure (to avoid fraud or abusive use of inappropriate charging type) or the fleet (to report the relevant use of the vehicle). Most of these reports are essential for us as Charge Service Operators to analyze your infrastructure uptake, and then advise you on how to optimize your infrastructures and charge service.